Looking for a breathtaking vacation destination with stunning natural landscapes and charming locals? Look no further than Da Nang, where unspoiled mountains and gorgeous beaches await. And if you’re looking for the perfect place to stay during your visit, you won’t want to miss out on the top hotels in Da Nang, all of which boast stunning infinity pools with breathtaking sea views.

Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel

The Belle Maison Parosand Danang Hotel, located on Vo Nguyen Giap street, offers luxurious resort spaces with elegantly decorated tones. Its 4-star standard and infinity pool on the 20th floor overlooking My Khe beach provide a panoramic view and unique virtual photography angles that you won’t forget.


Mandila Beach Hotel Danang

Meanwhile, the Mandila Beach Hotel Danang, also on Vo Nguyen Giap street, features an infinity pool on the 18th floor with a view of My Khe beach and Son Tra peninsula. The hotel’s consistent use of blue throughout, from the rooms to the swimming pool, creates a delightful feeling.


TMS Danang Beach Hotel

If you’re looking for a newer option, the TMS Danang Beach Hotel, opened in 2018, features spacious and fully equipped suites and boasts one of the highest sea view infinity pools in the city on its 25th floor. The panoramic view from the pool will take your breath away.


Hai An Beach Hotel Danang

The Hai An Beach Hotel Danang, located right across from My Khe beach, offers stunning sea view rooms and a mesmerizing infinity pool on the rooftop where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail and the fresh sea breeze.


Balcona Hotel Danang

Another option on Vo Nguyen Giap street is the Balcona Hotel Danang, a tourist favourite for its spacious, clean rooms and infinity pool with a panoramic view of My Khe beach.


Chicland Danang Hotel

And for those looking for a unique and nature-inspired design, the Chicland Danang Hotel, opened in mid-2019, features tastefully decorated rooms and a serene ambience with a rooftop infinity pool.


A la carte Danang Beach Hotel

The A la carte Danang Beach Hotel, known for its top bar with a panoramic view of Da Nang city, is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Its rooftop swimming pool offers a fantastic view of My Khe beach and is a must-see.


Rosamia Hotel Danang

Finally, the Rosamia Hotel Danang on Vo Nguyen Giap beach offers convenient access to the sea and beautiful sea-view rooms. The hotel’s rooftop infinity pool with sea views is the perfect place to cool off on hot summer days and serves as an ideal check-in spot.



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