No trip to Da Nang is complete without witnessing the mesmerizing spectacle of the Dragon Bridge breathing fire. It’s the key to truly unlocking the enchanting charm of this riverside city. To ensure you make the most of your Dragon Bridge experience, glean some insider travel tips from fellow adventurers.

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1. When does the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang come to life with fire?

The captivating fire and water show at the Dragon Bridge unfolds every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM, with additional performances on major holidays throughout the year. This prime time slot ensures locals and visitors, especially the little ones, get to soak in the magic of the Dragon Bridge breathing fire and spouting water.

2. Where’s the best spot to catch the Dragon Bridge in action?

Immersing yourself in the fiery display of the Dragon Bridge is not only a fantastic experience but also completely free in Da Nang. Explore these prime locations for a front-row seat:

    • On the Dragon Bridge itself: As the fire and water extravaganza kicks off, traffic comes to a standstill on the bridge, creating the perfect opportunity to ascend and relish the sight of the Dragon breathing fire. Pro tip: Stand a bit back from the Dragon’s head to avoid getting soaked by water from the Han River. But hey, if you’re up for a rain dance, go ahead and enjoy the moment!
    • Tran Hung Dao Street beneath the Dragon Bridge: Positioned beneath the Dragon’s head, this street offers the clearest and most detailed view of the Dragon Bridge breathing fire and spouting water. Additionally, there are sidewalk stalls selling refreshments, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the Dragon’s fiery performance.
    • The enchanting Bach Dang Street: A fascinating locale to witness the Dragon Bridge breathing fire from a distance, while simultaneously indulging in a leisurely stroll and relishing the nocturnal beauty of the Han River. Treat yourself to some delicious coconut water from Ben Tre while sitting on the second floor, savoring the view of the Dragon’s fiery dance.
    • Watch from above: If you’ve experienced the Dragon Bridge up close on a Saturday, elevate your experience on Sunday by watching the fiery spectacle from a high vantage point. Optimal locations include hotels with rooftop cafes or bars, where you can sip a beverage and marvel at the Dragon’s fire and water show, along with Da Nang’s sparkling nocturnal allure.
    • Explore other bridges: Da Nang is a city adorned with distinctive bridges. Alongside the Dragon Bridge, the Han River Swing Bridge and the Tran Thi Ly Bridge, resembling a colossal sail, are equally intriguing. Stand on the sidewalks of these bridges to witness the Dragon Bridge breathing fire while admiring the beauty of the other remarkable bridges.

3. What should you have in hand for the Dragon Bridge spectacle?

All you need is a camera or smartphone to capture the stunning moments when the Dragon Bridge breathes fire or to snap some unforgettable selfies. Remember to bookmark these Da Nang travel tips for the perfect Dragon Bridge adventure.