Embrace the magic of the Lunar New Year Giap Thin 2024 in Da Nang with an enchanting spectacle of fireworks at three captivating locations. On February 10, 2024, as the clock strikes midnight, Da Nang City will illuminate the night sky, marking the commencement of the new lunar cycle.


The carefully selected venues for these mesmerizing displays include:

  1. Bach Dang Square: Positioned strategically at the intersection of Binh Minh 6 and Bach Dang Street.
  2. Kim Long Nam Project Grounds: Expansive grounds opposite the east of the Lien Chieu District Administrative Center.
  3. Hoa Vang District Administrative Center Area: A prime location offering a perfect backdrop for the celestial showcase.

As the auspicious moment approaches, both locals and visitors are encouraged to converge at these key sites, where the vibrant displays promise to be a radiant reflection of joy and prosperity. The fireworks will create an unforgettable ambiance, fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Join us as Da Nang City paints the night sky with an array of vibrant colors, symbolizing hope and prosperity for the promising year ahead. This is a unique opportunity to partake in the magic of the Fireworks Display Lunar New Year 2024 and embrace the spirit of renewal alongside the entire Da Nang community.

Don’t miss this chance to be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the fireworks, as they light up the heavens and set the tone for a year filled with positivity and prosperity. Come together with family, friends, and neighbors to witness this grand celebration and welcome the Lunar New Year in true Da Nang style.