Seafood in Da Nang is very fresh with reasonable prices and cooked with local recipes. Seafood restaurant are mostly located along the beaches so that tourists can enjoy the tasty dishes and the romantic city by night at the same time

4U Beach Restaurant

Add: Lot 9-10 Vo Nguyen Giap street

Tel: (+84)5113 942 945

Phuoc My 2 Restaurant

Add: Lot 1A-1B Hoang Sa street

Tel: (+84)5113 942 399

My Hanh Restaurant

Add: Lot 17-18 Vo Nguyen Giap street

Tel: (+84)5113 831 494

Bau Troi Do Restaurant

Add: Lot 2 Hoang Sa street

Tel: (+84)905 72 75 76

Be Anh Restaurant

Add: Hoang Sa street

Tel: (+84)905 516 726